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Graduating Seniors: Flagler Schools Account Access

Graduating Seniors: Flagler Schools Account Access
Flagler Schools

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! In addition to returning your MacBook and charger, we wanted to remind you that you will also lose access to your Flagler Schools Google and email account on May 26. 

Do you sign into any accounts with your school email that you will need in the future?

If you use your school email to access any accounts you will need in the future, please make sure to change your email address to your personal email. This is especially important if you used this email for College Board, Khan Academy, Florida Bright Futures, or ACT. You should be able to change the settings for these accounts to update your email address.

Do you need any files from your Google Drive?

If you need to keep any files from your Google Drive, you will need to download these files or transfer them to a personal storage account. There are several ways to do this, please review the following information for a few different options and instructions.

  • Copy content from your school account to another account with Google Takeout. Please keep in mind free personal Google accounts have a 15G storage limit. You may want to delete any files you will not need before transferring the files to your personal account.
  • Download any files you will need to your school device and then transfer them to an external storage drive. 
  • Sign into your school Google Drive on a personal device and download any files you will need.