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Visiting Our Schools

Visitors to any of our campuses will be required to sign in with the receptionist at the front office. Photo Identification is required. Visitors will be issued a pass that must be worn at all times while on school property. Persons without a pass are subject to trespass violation and possible arrest.

Student Visitation

Students who are enrolled at Flagler Schools will not be permitted to visit any other school without permission from the administration at the visiting school. Students who are found in violation of this will be subject to disciplinary action according to the Flagler Schools Code of Conduct.

Classroom Observation

Any visitor who wishes to observe a classroom must have permission from administrative personnel. The classroom teacher will be given advance notification of no less than 24 hours in advance prior to any parent classroom visit.


Any approved parent/guardian who wishes to have lunch with their child, will go through the same security procedures. School administration will find an appropriate location for you to have lunch with your child. 

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School Pass

In an ongoing endeavor to provide safety and security for students and staff, any individual who is considered a non-student will be required to use our School Pass Visitor Management System.

The SchoolPass Visitor Management System is utilized to screen visitors on our campuses. With instant visitor background checks, SchoolPass offers a complete and unique visitor screening solution and school-focused security tools to improve the safety and efficiency of our campuses.