Back to School Pirate Information

Back to School Pirate Information
Posted on 08/06/2021
Back to School Pirate InformationIt is hard to believe that summer is ending and that our Pirates will be boarding the Ship once again on Tuesday, August 10! We are excited to see you and for the new school year to begin.

We'd like to take a moment to make sure you have some pertinent information about schedules, lunches, getting around campus, dress code, and transportation. Please take a moment to review this presentation. The MHS Administrative Team is looking forward to a successful year!

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Bell Schedule

MHS Bell Schedule

Reading your Schedule

MHS Reading your Schedule

  • TENTATIVE schedules are now available to view on Skyward. Our counselors are still working on making moves and class changes, especially if you see that you might be missing a class period. 
  • Please check Skyward Tuesday morning for your final schedules.
  • For those of you without Skyward access and/or those of you who would like a printed copy, we will have hard copies of all schedules available in the GYM on Tuesday morning before school.

Navigating the Campus
  • WE WILL HAVE MAPS AVAILABLE ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! They will also be posted around the campus.
  • Our Main building is shaped like an X. Where the two crosses meet in the middle, is called “The Spot.”
  • The half of the X closest to the front of the school is considered Building 6. The back half of the X is Building 5.
  • Behind our main building are two more rectangular buildings. To get to these buildings, exit the main building out through the back. Building 9 is the first building you’ll come to. Building 10 is the farthest building (closest to the football field).
  • Weightlifting classes are in the field house, which is Building 11. The Field house is next to the football field.
  • PE classes are in the gym, which is building 3.
  • Music classes are next door to the gym.

  • MHS has two lunches. Your lunch depends on the location of your 3rd period teacher.
  • If your 3rd period teacher is in building 9, 10, 5, 3, or Art, you will have 1st lunch. That means you go to lunch after 2nd period.
  • If your 3rd period is building 6, upstairs 1, 2, gym, or field house, you have 2nd lunch. You will go to 3rd period and then lunch.
  • You may sit in the dining hall, the courtyard or the pavilion during lunch. You may not eat in teachers’ classrooms, hallways, or go into any of the buildings during lunch.

Schedule Changes
  • Add/drop will not begin until the 4th day of school. We will give students more information on that process during the morning announcements.
  • Guidance Department
  • Registrar

  • If your student is a car rider, please drop them off at the front of the school (on Pirate Nation Way) using the South Gate entrance. Follow the cones and flow of traffic. Pick up is the same.
  • For bus and route information, visit the Flagler Schools website. Bus route information will also be posted around campus.
  • If your student drives, they will need to purchase a parking pass. Forms are available in the front office. Student parking is in the back of the campus.

Dress Code
  • Shirts/Top Attire
    • Collared Polo/Button shirt with sleeves. No undergarments may be visible.
    • No sheer, lace, rips, tears, holes or cutout shirts.
    • No Tank tops/Sleeveless tops/Camisole tops or T-shirts.
    • Neckline Dresses with Sleeves are allowed only. 
    • Matanzas shirts may be worn on any school day.  
    • Sweatshirts/Hoodies may be worn, and should be appropriate in size, design, and logo. 
    • If sweatshirt/outerwear is unzipped, appropriate dress code must be worn. 
    • No Hats, Visors, Du-Rags, Bandanas & Head Coverings worn inside the building
  • Pants/Bottom Attire
    • Denim Jeans, Slacks, Shorts, Skirts and Dresses must be without tears, tatters or holes.
    • Skirts, Shorts, and Neckline Dresses w/Sleeves – NO SHORTER than 4-inches from the knee ALL AROUND.
    • Pants must fit securely on waist. NO undergarments may be visible.
    • Sweatpants, Athletic Pants/Shorts and Leggings are NOT acceptable.
    • MHS Athletic Pants/Shorts and PE Uniform Shorts are ACCEPTABLE
Please see the Flagler Schools Secondary Code of Conduct for the full school board uniform policy.