Florida American Legion Boys State Finalists

Florida American Legion Boys State Finalists
Posted on 04/11/2022
Florida American Legion Boys State FinalistsCongratulations to MHS students Jaden Smith and Kal-el Smith, who are finalists for this year's American Legion Boys State program.

In 1935, two Illinois senators, Hayes Kennedy and Harold Card, developed the program to instill the ideals of the American Legion into our youth. It's among the most respected and selective educational programs Florida has to offer.

Boys learn the rights, privileges and responsibilities of a citizen. Objective training, and one that centers around the structures of county, city and state governments operated by the delegates themselves.

Delegates get a hands-on experience about leadership by taking part in the political process through real-world, role-playing exercises.

The entire program is non-partisan. That means no one political party is present. Boys State uses fictional parties called the Nationalists and Federalists, which are are in no way related to any current political party.

Our students will start their new journey on June 19, 2022 to complete the program.

American Legion Finalists