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AICE Chemistry AS

AICE Chemistry AS

Course Description

For more information about this Cambridge course, visit the curriculum page of the Cambridge Assessment International Education website. 

The key concepts for Cambridge International AS & A Level Chemistry are:

  • Atoms and forces: Matter is built from atoms interacting and bonding through electrostatic forces. The structure of matter affects its physical and chemical properties, and influences how substances react chemically.
  • Experiments and evidence: Chemists use evidence gained from observations and experiments to build models and theories of the structure and reactivity of materials. Theories are tested by further experiments and an appreciation of accuracy and reliability is gained.
  • Patterns in chemical behavior and reactions: Patterns in chemical behavior can be identified and used to predict the properties of substances. By applying these patterns, useful new substances can be designed and synthetic routes created.
  • Chemical bonds: The understanding of how chemical bonds are made and broken by the movement of electrons allows us to predict patterns of reactivity. Appreciation of the strength of chemical bonds leads to the understanding of a material’s properties and its uses.
  • Energy changes: The energy changes that take place during chemical reactions can be used to predict the extent, feasibility and rate of such reactions. An understanding is gained of why and how chemical reactions happen.
Additional Information

Prerequisite: Pre-AICE Chemistry

 Students must sit for the AICE exam, which may occur after the end of the school year.

AICE Chemistry AS

Course Number: 2003371