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AICE General Paper AS (English 3 Hon. Equiv.)

AICE General Paper AS (English 3 Hon. Equiv.)

Course Description

For more information about this Cambridge course, visit the curriculum page of the Cambridge Assessment International Education website. The aims are to enable students to do the following:

  • develop understanding and use of English language in the context of contemporary topics
  • encourage and appraise a broad range of topics
  • develop a wider awareness and knowledge of contemporary issues through reading
  • develop independent reasoning skills
  • develop the skills of interpretation, analysis, evaluation and persuasion
  • develop skills in writing structured and developed arguments, and present reasoned explanations
  • develop the ability to present a point of view clearly, and consider and reflect upon those of others.

Learners will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of issues in these three broad topic areas:

  1. Economic, historical, moral, political and social
  2. Science, including its history, philosophy, ethics, general principles and applications; environmental issues; technology and mathematics
  3. Literature, language, the arts, crafts, and the media.

Learners consider topics within local and international contexts. Learners should be able to draw upon knowledge and understanding gained from studying other subjects. Through the study of these broad topic areas, learners develop effective reading and writing skills in English. They work with information, ideas and opinions. They analyze and evaluate opinions and ideas. They also learn how to build an argument. These skills are all highly transferable and will help learners in other subjects they are studying, and equip them for higher education or employment. Candidates following this course should be encouraged to develop a range of skills.

  • Application of information: Candidates should develop the ability to identify, select and apply appropriate information to respond to a task. They are encouraged to understand different points of view on a topic. Candidates should use information as evidence to support an argument with examples and to develop ideas.
  • Reading: Candidates are encouraged to read widely for general understanding and develop skills to identify relevant information from a variety of sources. Candidates should develop a wide range of vocabulary in English and the ability to understand the use of English words and phrases in context. They should understand how information is presented and how the English language is used to convey implicit as well as explicit meaning.
  • Analysis and evaluation: Candidates should develop the ability to analyze data, interpret information and offer key points. Candidates should learn skills of evaluation. They should go beyond observing or summarizing the evidence. They should learn to draw out inferences, understand the implications of a course of action, develop and draw out the significance of an argument and examine other points of view. Candidates should learn to make supported judgements. Writing: Candidates should develop the skills to write in accurate English in a clear, coherent and structured way, including essays. They should also learn to write shorter responses for a variety of purposes. These might include explanation, description, summary, analysis, evaluation and persuasion. Candidates should learn to use a range of vocabulary, appropriate spelling, grammar and punctuation, and use of register, to communicate information, ideas and opinions appropriate to the task.
Additional Information

Students must sit for the AICE Exam, which may occur after the end of the school year.

AICE General Paper AS (English 3 Hon. Equiv.)

Course Number: 1009400