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AICE Geography AS

AICE Geography AS

Course Description

For more information about this Cambridge course, visit the curriculum page of the Cambridge Assessment International Education website. 

The key concepts for Cambridge International AS & A Level Geography are:

  • Space: the implications of spatial distributions and patterns of a range of physical and human geographical phenomena.
  • Scale: the significance of spatial scale in interpreting environments, features and places from local to global, and time scale in interpreting change from the geological past to future scenarios.
  • Place: the importance of physical and human characteristics which create distinctive places with different opportunities and challenges.
  • Environment: how the interactions between people and their environment create the need for environmental management and sustainability.
  • Interdependence: how the complex nature of interacting physical systems, human systems and processes create links and interdependencies.
  • Diversity: the significance of the similarities and differences between places, environments and people. Change: the importance of change and the dynamic nature of places, environments and systems.
Additional Information

This is a Social Studies elective. Students must sit for the Cambridge AICE Exam, which may be after the end of the school year.

AICE Geography AS

Course Number: 2103410