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After-school tutoring is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:50 pm–4:20 pm. Tutoring provides the opportunity for students to improve their understanding of a specific subject area, with the guidance of a teacher or advanced student.

Tutoring Schedule

Subject Teacher Day Time Room
Algebra I & Geometry Winfree Tu 2:50–4:20 pm 9-106
Algebra I & Geometry Warren Th 2:50–4:20 pm 10-218
Algebra I & Upper Level Math Winfree Tu 2:50–4:20 pm 9-116
Biology Caoili Tu, Th 2:50–4:20 pm 1-205
English/Reading: 9th & 10th Eiswerth Tu, Th 2:50–4:20 pm 10-107
English/Reading: 11th & 12th Larson Tu, Th 2:50–4:20 pm 6-248
ESOL/ELL Lagocki Tu, Th 2:50–4:20 pm 6-245
Social Studies Hartshorn Tu, Th 2:50–4:20 pm 5-212
Test Make-Ups/Retakes Barton Tu, Th 2:50–4:20 pm 6-134

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring will also be offered in the tutoring sessions by AICE, NHS, and Mu Alpha Theta students.

Tutoring Procedures

  • Right after dismissal students are to head directly to the tutoring teacher’s classroom. Students must be in their tutoring room by 2:50 pm. Any students in the halls, courtyards or common areas after 2:50 pm will be escorted to the front office to be picked up.
  • Students “must” remain with the teacher in the classroom for tutoring until 4:20 pm. Students should have a pass to use the bathroom as they do during the regular school day.
  • At 4:20 pm students are to report for the after-school activity bus (with a bus pass) in the bus loop. There are two activity buses that will leave at 4:30 pm. Students must make sure they get on the correct bus, based on their residential area.
  • Car Riders are to report to the Breezeway for parent pick up in the front of the school.
  • All students are expected to leave campus at 4:30 pm.