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Athletics Clearance

All student-athletes will register with the FHSAA sponsored online paperless eligibility system, The physical form (EL2) will still need to be printed and signed by the physician, but instead of bringing it to the school, you will upload it to the secure site. In the event of an emergency, medical staff will have immediate access to vital information. The EL3 Consent Form, and insurance information will be submitted online utilizing digital signatures. Although easy to navigate, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

All student-athletes must be cleared prior to participation, conditioning, or tryouts.

BEFORE you register, please gather the following items: 

  • An updated physical (EL2) or a copy, (if your current physical is less than a year old, you can obtain a copy from the athletic office) 
    • All physicals expire after one year 
    • Page 4 must be signed and dated by the physician, student-athlete, and parent/guardian
  • Insurance and physician information
  • Student ID number (incoming freshman may not have one yet)
  • 3 NFHS online courses with the student-athlete name 
    • Concussion Video Certificate 
    • Heat Illness Video Certificate 
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Video Certificate

Instructions for Parent/guardian:

Video Tutorial

You can register using any computer, tablet, or smartphone

  1. Go to the Athletic Clearance secure website
  2. Create an account using an email you check often, as status updates are shared by email.
  3. Click the blue ‘Add New Clearance’ button
  4. Select the current school year
  5. Select your school
  6. Select sport(s) your child intends to participate in
  7. Select “add new sport” if there is more than one 
  8. Answer the prompted questions regarding the athlete in full. Ensure student ID is entered if the athlete is a current student. *the ‘save and continue’ button will not turn a color, please keep moving forward regardless*
            - Answer the prompted questions regarding the parent/guardian in full
  9. Answer the prompted questions regarding basic medical concerns
  10. Student and parent/guardian review and sign the EL3 consent forms (student will sign first page, parent/guardian sign second)
  11. Upload page 4 of the EL2 into the first box by clicking on the cloud and selecting the applicable file. Please ensure it has been signed AND dated by the physician, student-athlete, and the parent/guardian.
  12. Upload the three video certificates, one by one, into the indicated file box.
  13. You should receive an email notifying you that the clearance has been started. Please contact the coach if you see no updates to the clearance status within one week before conditioning, tryouts, or practice.