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Hours: 6:30am–3:00 pm, Monday–Friday

The requirements listed below are mandated by law, and school board policy. The completed forms must be presented at the time of the student's registration.

Department of Health 680 Immunization Form
Florida requires that all shots are up to date, and this can be accomplished through a private physician, walk-in clinic, or the health department.

The Health Department offers free immunizations through their Walk-In Clinic at the Flagler County Health Department, 301 Dr. Carter Blvd in Bunnell, 386-437-7350. It is important for parents to furnish up-to-date health records so that officials know what the students has received and what they need.

Department of Health 3040 Physical Form
This may be completed by the student's primary care physician or local clinic. If a student is transferring from a Florida School District, the physical form used for entry into that Florida district may be used. If student is transferring from out-of-state, the date on the physical form must be within one year from the enrollment date, and must include vision and hearing screening.
Student Medication
Any student medication to be administered by the clinic requires the corresponding form, to be submitted each school year. Prescription medication requires the Authorization to Administer form; any self-carry prescriptions require the Authorization to Self-Carry AND the Authorization to Administer
form. Over-the-counter medication can be administered in the clinic with consent signed by parent or guardian.

All prescription medications must be in the original container and labeled with the student’s name, medication name, dose and instruction, and expiration date. Any over the counter medication must be in the original, unopened packaging. No expired medication will be accepted in the clinic.

Medication drop-offs and any questions or concerns are best addressed prior to the first day of school. This process usually takes 10–15 minutes. Please be sure to provide any updates from health physicals and ensure that vaccinations are up to date.

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